Presidents Report

Eddie Crompton

I have been on the committee for 5 years (if not longer), and been a member for twice that time and am both proud and excited to be part of a successful organization.

The club continues to grow both in terms of memberships and also in the partnerships and undertakings in the community, such as hosting the mega games, branching out and dedicating new times for roleplay with LXG RPG  (Starting August 2nd!) and new ties with Vault Games.

It has been a big year overall for the club.  Highlights of what we have achieved are:

  • Moving to the new venue
  • Appointment of Lottie to Catering for club days
  • Updating the library software for easier borrowing management
  • A new website
  • The addition of the Car Boot Sale for all Legends events
  • Winter Retreat / Summer Advance increasing in popularity

Looking back on the year, so much has happened overall, and we have still been able to slightly improve with the club finances while keeping membership pricing the same as previous years, still provide ongoing charity support and successfully lobby for grants.

I look forward to continue to see what we can do over the coming year, and hope you all continue to enjoy and help us continue to grow.

Treasurers Report

Keith Done

To see this years financial statement, please click on the link below.


Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting

For what was discussed during the AGM, please click on the link below.

Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting