It was a quieter round 3, with the minimum number of players (5) present for the melee. Four of those players used the situation to take the melee deck challenge and gain an achievement.

David K won the round with a challenge deck, and yes someone else chose the deck for him! David got all the kills at the table except 1, which Jay N picked up. When you take the melee deck challenge and get any kills, you are credited with an additional kill as a challenge reward. This means David K now has quite a lead at the top of the table. Luckily all you ahve to do is get into the top 8…

Here are the current standings:



There are six achievements to be won in 2016, and each one is rewarded with a pack from the achievement pool as well as 2 points on the ladder. Challenger is the exception as you do not receive a pack. Each achievement can only be gained once per league year. The achievements available in 2016 are:

Contender: Play in five or more league rounds in 2016. This achievement also makes you eligible to play in the finals.

Soul Reaper: Cause 2 or more opponents to lose 10 or more life in the same turn

Legion: Attack with 20 or more creatures in the same turn

Super Friends: Control four or more planeswalkers (each with a different planeswalker name) at the same time

Kingmaker: Get 3 or more kills in a round without winning that round (Alexis A)

Challenger: Take the melee deck challenge! (David K, Jake B, Jeremy N, Jay N)


There are 14 packs in the achievement pool