We had 11 players show up for round 5, one short of the number needed to divide the table into two. This meant we started late and finished later too, but I think a good time was had by all. The kills were shared around this time with Eddie C getting 3, Anthony H and Jay N each getting 2, and 1 each to Alexis A, Leanne J, Jay N,  and Keith D. Several players also took the melee deck challenge, of these Anthony H did the best.

Here are the standings following round 5:





There are six achievements to be won in 2016, and each one is rewarded with a pack from the achievement pool as well as 2 points on the ladder. Challenger is the exception as you do not receive a pack. Each achievement can only be gained once per league year. The achievements available in 2016 are:

Contender: Play in five or more league rounds in 2016. This achievement also makes you eligible to play in the finals.

Soul Reaper: Cause 2 or more opponents to lose 10 or more life in the same turn

Legion: Attack with 20 or more creatures in the same turn

Super Friends: Control four or more planeswalkers (each with a different planeswalker name) at the same time (Eddie C)

Kingmaker: Get 3 or more kills in a round without winning that round (Alexis A, Eddie C)

Challenger: Take the melee deck challenge! (David K, Jake B, Jeremy N, Jay N, Leanne J, Matthew H, Anthony H, Kara)


There are 20 packs in the achievement pool