Alexis started 2017 the same way she finished 2016 – by winning! In a 6-player draft Alexis got the win with her Extort deck, while Jeremy and David each picked up 2 kills. Here are the standings after the first round.


We currently have 4 packs in the achievement pool.

The achievement for 2017 are:

Contender: (play in 5 or more rounds, this also qualifies you for the finals if you are in the top 8)

Challenger: play a round using one of the challenge decks

Super friends: Have 4 or more legendary creatures with different names under your control

Kingmaker: get 3 or more kills in a round without winning that round

Legion: attack with 20 or more creatures in a single combat

Achievements other than Challenger award a booster pack from the pool, with Challenger you get to keep the deck you use.