This update covers the second and third rounds. After wins for Matthew H in round 2 and Eddie C in round 3 these are the standings:


Alexis A keeps her spot at the top of the standings (for now!). We currently have 12 packs in the achievement pool, and speaking of, here is a reminder of the achievements available this year:

Contender: Play in five or more league rounds in 2017. This achievement also makes you eligible to play in the finals.

Soul Reaper: Cause 2 or more opponents to lose 10 or more life in the same turn

Legion: Attack with 20 or more creatures in the same turn

Super Friends: Control four or more legendary creatures (each with a different card name) at the same time

Kingmaker: Get 3 or more kills in a round without winning that round

Challenger: Take the planeswalker deck challenge! (planeswalker decks will be available at each meeting to players who have played in at least 2 rounds this year. Unlike other achievements this does not award a pack – you get to keep the deck!