I have updated all of the Game of Games scores except for some April scores. Keith is out first King on the ladder, thanks to the organiser points he picked up after an exhausting week-end of Legends. Well done Keith!

Ranks newly gained are:

King: Keith D

Viceroy: David K

Grand Duke: John M

Archduke: Nigel B

Electress: Jennah G

Prince: Terry K, Dave R, Greg P

Duke: Dylan S

Marquis/Marchioness: Phil B, Jay N, Kahla B

Count/Countess: Rachel vS, Kim A, Kris D

Viscount/Viscountess: Michelle H, Paul A, Helen L

Baron: Darryn W, Drew T

Baronetess: Alexis A

Lady: Sue W

Esquire: Jake B, Toni L, Stephen M, Jono C, Fraser K

Congratulations to all!