This update includes October, November, and the Grill’d games scores for 2014. If you are involved in Grill’d games, you year’s total has now been added to your ladder score.

Quite a few people have gained ranks as part of this update, starting with Keith D who becomes our second player to reach the rank of Viceroy!

Ranks gained are:

Viceroy: Keith D

Elector/Electress: Dustin H, Cassie V, Peter B

Duke: Martin I, Greg P, Sean H

Count/Countess: Jay N, Kahla B

Viscountess: Jessica H

Baroness: Michelle H

Knight/Lady: John H, Kris D, Helen L, Darryn W

Esquire: Charlotte M, James R, Ijaz F

Well done everyone!

Elector Electress

Duke Count Countess Vicountess Baroness knight Lady EsquireViceroy