What to meet the committee members? These people are the ones in charge so if you have any questions or queries about LXG, come and see them at the regular gaming meeting we hold at each month.

The committee meets at 8am before every monthly gaming meetup and every member of the LXG club is welcome to attend.

Every year at the June General Meeting, all committee positions are spilled and club members are welcome to nominate and vote for committee positions.

To see the Rules & Procedure for the LXG Committee, please click here.


Eddie Crompton

Eddie got hooked on gaming back in primary school after reading white dwarf  but somehow thought it would be a good dea to make up his own. After delving into choose-your-own adventure books and fighting fantasy novels, over the years he’s played many different games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Battletech Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, Kings of War, Saga.

Some of the first board games he collected were Hero Quest and Space Crusade but his personal collection is up in the high 200’s.

Committee Member since: 2017


Keith Done

Keith Done has been involved with tabletop gaming since 1965 when he enjoyed classics such as “Monopoly”, ”Scrabble” and “Squatter”. He also remembers seeking out many non-mainstream games that existed at that time, such as “Railroader”, “Green Ghost” and “Hit the Beach!”

Keith has been influential for decades on the Brisbane games club scene, being a co-founder and committee member of organisations such as the Queensland Science-Fiction and the Tanelorn Games Club. He has always been active designing and running role-playing events at conventions across Australia.

In 2004 he co-founded the League of Extraordinary Gamers to focus on the development of a family-friendly game club. He has served on the committee in various positions since then and recently created a spin-off LXG role playing sub-club with long-time friend Angela Caffery. They relaunched an Eldorian umbrella campaign under the Pathfinder rules in 2015 and LXGRPG continues to grow in popularity.

Committee Member since: 2004


Leanne J.

Leanne is a self-confessed addict of board games. Not just Eurogames but some of the old family games (Cluedo) and card games also. She is so convinced of the power of board games to improve minds and characters that she wrote an Achievement Unit for The Girls’ Brigade, Australia, centered on the benefits and fun of playing games.

An LXG member since 2006, Leanne is committed to playing and teaching games to all comers. See you over a table!

Committee Member since: 2016

Media Officer

Nigel Bell

Nigel brings a broad range of professional creative experience to the role of Media Officer. An animator for Walt Disney (TV) Studios, swordmaker for Warner Bros (Movieworld, Gold Coast), and professional actor fronting a show that sold out 2 Melbourne Comedy Festivals, and an Adelaide Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, Nigel’s front-of-house skills are bolstered by administrative ones developed within the Qld Dept of Transport and QUT’s Office of Commercial Services.

Nigel is a Caricaturist – and this makes people happy.

Committee Member since: 2016

Upcoming Events

9:00 am March 2020 LXG Meeting @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
March 2020 LXG Meeting @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Mar 8 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
It’s the regular monthly meetup of the League of Extraordinary Gamers! Come along and play some games with some old friends, or come check it out and meet some new ones! Doors open at 9am..

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