After Summer Legends, we have six club members who have gained a rank. This number will change, as these results only cover casual games, plus the War Machine games played. The Game of Games page will be updated again once I have the full tournament results from our board game events. For now, Leanne J becomes only the fourth club member to gain more than 1,000 points and reach the rank of Grand Duchess! Ross vS and John M each gained Elector rank, leaving us with no one at Prince/Princess rank for the time being.

edit: An extra seven members gained ranks thanks to the tournaments and special events played.

Ranks Gained, February 2014
Grand Duchess: Leanne J
Elector: John M, Ross vS
Duke: Lance A, Liam P
Marquis: David R
Count: Sam M
Baron/Baroness: Phil B, Kahla B, Anthony R, Tom R
Baronet/Baronetess: Rachel vS, Pedro D, Callum Sp

Grand Duchess Elector Marquis
Baron Baroness
Duke Baronet Baronetess