Playing A Game of Games, you can earn points playing games, or by running one-off gaming events in which you don’t play. In the latter case you receive organiser points. This can include running a tournament, or even just teaching people to play a new game, while sitting out yourself.

This doesn’t capture organisers of the leagues we have running, so we are introducing League Organiser Points too.

How it works:
When you run a league that lasts for six or more meetings, at the close of the league, or league season, you will receive league organiser points, added to your game of games total. It doesn’t matter if you play in the league yourself, you’ll still receive the points.

Calculating Points:
The points you receive are the number of different players in your league (including yourself if you played) multiplied by the modifier of the league game. For example if you run a Small World (modifier 2) league with 8 players, you would receive 16 points at the end of the league.

For the purposes of calculating league organiser points, any game with a modifier below 2 counts as 2. So if you replace Small World in the example above with Quarriors (modifier 1) as organiser you would receive 16 points.

Hope that is clear, and happy league running!