Legends of Winter 2018 winners

Here’s the list of winners from Legends of Winter 2018 – congratulations to all! – AGRICOLA 1st – Malcolm Owen 2nd – Alex Spinaze – GLASS ROAD 1st – Ben Small 2nd – Jeremy Norton – MAGIC the GATHERING 1st – Eddie Crompton 2nd – Keith Done – PITCH CAR 1st – Nick Rimmington 2nd..

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2017 Grand Melee league round 3 update

This update covers the second and third rounds. After wins for Matthew H in round 2 and Eddie C in round 3 these are the standings:   Alexis A keeps her spot at the top of the standings (for now!). We currently have 12 packs in the achievement pool, and speaking of, here is a..

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2017 Grand Melee League round 1

Alexis started 2017 the same way she finished 2016 – by winning! In a 6-player draft Alexis got the win with her Extort deck, while Jeremy and David each picked up 2 kills. Here are the standings after the first round.   We currently have 4 packs in the achievement pool. The achievement for 2017..

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2016 Grand Melee league round 5

We had 11 players show up for round 5, one short of the number needed to divide the table into two. This meant we started late and finished later too, but I think a good time was had by all. The kills were shared around this time with Eddie C getting 3, Anthony H and..

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2016 Grand Melee league round 4

Friday night saw six Magic players come to the table for an 8.00pm start to the game. Six players is often considered a bad number for melee, since with the range of influence rule each player has just one opponent who is out of their range. This can often lead to inadvertent kingmaking where a..

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2016 Grand Melee League round 3

It was a quieter round 3, with the minimum number of players (5) present for the melee. Four of those players used the situation to take the melee deck challenge and gain an achievement. David K won the round with a challenge deck, and yes someone else chose the deck for him! David got all..

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2016 Grand Melee League round 2

We had nine people show for the second round of this year’s melee league. Much life was drained and restored across a match that saw David K emerge victorious after a few turns of dueling with Anthony H. David won with 4 kills, while Anthony H got 2, and Keith and newcomer Kara got 1..

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2016 Grand Melee league round 1

Eight people turned up to play the first game of the year, and Leanne J walked away with the prizes after a hard-fought game came down to her and Jake B. Alexis A picked up the Kingmaker achievement to place second after the first round. Here are the current standings:   There are 5 packs..

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Upcoming Events

9:00 am March 2020 LXG Meeting @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
March 2020 LXG Meeting @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Mar 8 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
It’s the regular monthly meetup of the League of Extraordinary Gamers! Come along and play some games with some old friends, or come check it out and meet some new ones! Doors open at 9am..

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