Winter Retreat grand melee format

Each year at Winter Retreat we have a special grand melee where the winner of the previous Winter Retreat chooses the format for the next one. Last year’s winner, Eddie C, has determined the format for this year’s grand melee at Winter Retreat shall be: Two-headed Giant In this variant, players are put in teams..

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A Game of Games July 2014

First meeting back after Winter Retreat and everyone was still keen for games! Nine club members gained ranked today: Archduke: Jeremy N Prince/Princess: Angela C, Liam P Duke: Luke vS, Mal O Marquis: Peter H Viscountess: Kahla B Baron: Jay N Baronetess: Kim A

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July 2014 meeting preview

We’ve barely had tome to get over Winter Retreat and there’s a club meeting coming! Isn’t that the way it should be? Come join us this Sunday 20 July for our next meeting. All games borrowed for Winter Retreat can be returned on Sunday so the library will be full again and available to all…

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A Game of Games, Winter Retreat 2014

The Winter Retreat scores are in and totaled, and nineteen club members rose in the ranks as a result of Winter Retreat this year. Ladder leader Eddie C has also unlocked a new rank by reaching Viceroy with his haul of 162 points. Only 473 more points to your next rank, Eddie! Ranks were gained..

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Grand Melee at 2014 Winter Retreat

At Winter Retreat we always have a larger than usual melee, with 18 or so people competing last year. The format changes from year to year at the winner’s behest. Last year’s winner, Courtney J, as indicated her changes to this year’s format: Decks will be made to the normal grand melee building rules (see..

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LXG Wins Telstra Grant

The club has recently won a Telstra community grant to buy additional board games for our games library. The committee will make the final decision on which games to purchase, but is seeking opinions from all members. At the next meeting (15 June) all members will be asked to nominate three games for the club..

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