We have a number of schedules events running at the two-day Winter Legends event on 16 & 17 August this year. Here are the details:

Here’s the schedule for Winter Legends (16th-17th August). All games cost $2 to enter or you can buy a weekend entry pass for all games running over the 2 days for $5. The exceptions to this are the War Machine tournament which is $20 for 1 day only or $35 for both days) and the Grand Melee League round 8 on Sunday, which costs one booster to enter as always.

Saturday 16th August
(10am – 12pm)

Magic: the Gathering – Pack Wars
Pack Wars is a Magic variant format where two players each open a booster, shuffle in 15 basic land cards (3 of each type), and play! Packs from the Journey Into Nyx and Born of the Gods sets will be available for players at $5 each. Basic land will be provided. If you win three matches you may choose one from a selection of foil card prizes!

(1pm – 3pm)
Ticket to Ride

(4pm – 6pm)
7 Wonders

(10am – 6pm)
Twilight Imperium
War Machine (Day One)
Memoir 44 (Day One)

Sunday 17th August
(10am – 12pm)

(1pm – 3pm)
Lords of Waterdeep

(3pm – 5pm)
Magic: the Gathering
The Settlers of Catan

(10am – 5pm)
Axis and Allies
War Machine (Day Two)
Memoir 44 (Day Two)

Pre-book with Keith Done on keefdoneATgmailDOTcom to guarantee a place.