Winter Legends is a tournament held annually around our August meeting (with Summer Legends held in February) that consists of an entire weekend of friendly gaming competition.  This year, 34 people filled 71 gaming spots in 11 different games over 2 days to decide 1 “Legend Of Winter”.  And once the dust had settled, the meeples put away and the scores tallied, that winner was…

Tamara Shorter!

Congratulations Tam, seen here accepting her Legend Of Winter trophy from Club President, Eddie.

Congratulations also to all who participated.  Full results are listed below.


58 Tamara Shorter 24 Matthew Hussey
56 Paul Ferguson 24 Josh P
54 Nigel Bell 24 Leigh Ryan
52 Jon Barwise 22 Ben Small
52 David Morton 18 Callum Cornish
48 Graham Nielsen 16 Eddie Crompton
44 John Banks 16 Keith Done
42 Alex Done 16 Andrew Smith
38 Charlotte Banks 16 Tony Farrington
36 Jay Nielsen 16 Cassie Varian
32 David Kay 16 Damian Bates
32 Anthony Reilly 12 Oliver Catton
30 Nic Cornish 12 Alex Spinaze
28 Ivy Banks 12 Jake
28 Liz Banks 8 Darren Catton
24 Tony Horn 8 Tom Reilly
24 Stuart Smith 4 Sascha Jenkins
Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar Terraforming Mars Pitch Car
Winner:  Alex Done Winner:  Tamara Shorter Winner:  Leigh Ryan
Runner-up:  David Kay Runner-up:  John Banks Runner-up:  Jay Nielsen
Twilight Imperium Settlers Of Catan Pictionary
Winner:  Paul Ferguson Winner:  Cassie Varian Winner:  Nigel Bell/Jay Neilsen
Runner-up:  Graham Nielsen Runner-up:  Jon Barwise Runner-up:  Callum Cornish/Nic Cornish
Splendor Dixit Ticket To Ride
Winner:  Ivy Banks Winner:  Nigel Bell Winner:  Jon Barwise
Runner-up:  Charlotte Banks Runner-up:  Josh P Runner-up:  Damian Bates
Magic (Cube Draft) Ra
Winner:  Matthew Hussey Winner:  Ben Small
Runner-up:  Alex Done Runner-up:  Charlotte Banks