The 2013 League of Extraordinary Gamers will be held at our September meeting, 15 September 2013. At each AGM all committee positions are spilled, and members are free to nominate themselve sor others for these positions.

The committee positions are:

The Club President is the visible face of the club, and puts his or her name to all our official correspondence. Er, this means the President signs grant applications and thank-you letters. Any other outreach efforts are entirely at your whim, so if you’ve ever wanted to get out there with LxG at some crazy event, then this is the position for you!

The VP role remains undefined on the committee. In year’s past the VP updated the website but this has now migrated to the new web coordinator role. If there’s something not happening at LXG that you’d like to see happen, this is the role for you.

Calling all aspiring Scrooge McDucks! The club does take in and occasionally spend money, and as treasurer you have the main call on our spending. The principal responsibility is to do any banking of excess cash between meetings, and otherwise see that we have a decent spread of coins and notes on club days. Also there is a need to make sure our expenses do not outweigh our costs, and alert the committee if this starts to happen.

The secretary organises the committee meetings between actual club days. As secretary you can approach this however you want in terms of time and venue. You’ll also order new business cards for the committee each calendar year, which can be given out at outreach events and have our meeting dates and contact details on them. You also get to maintain the membership register and see the club grow.

Web Coordinator
The web coordinator is responsible for keeping the LXG website up to date, with news of club events and other relevant happenings.

If you are interested in nominating or finding out more about the committee roles, please talk to any of the current office holders. These are: Eddie C (President), David M (Vice-President), Keith D (Treasurer), Jeremy N (Secretary) and David K (web coordinator)