On Sunday, February 7, and the weekend of February 20-21, the LXG Legends Of Summer tournament was held.  Participants played in a range of games, with prizes going to the ultimate winners of each.  Further, the person who amassed the most points across the two weekends would be crowned the Legend Of Summer 2021.

This year, once the holes in the wall had been patched and the blood mopped up, the winner was….

Leanne Jones!

Congratulations to Leanne (seen here receiving her award from David Kay, Committee Secretary.

Congratulations to all who participated, and a hearty thank you to all the people behind the scenes who helped make it happen.  See you all at Legends Of Winter!

Here is the full list of other winners:

  • Terraforming Mars:  Angela Caffrey
  • Agricola:  Malcolm Owen
  • Tzolkin:  Paul Ross
  • Crokinole (Pairs):  Amanda Platt/Geoff Powell
  • Wingspan:  Andrew Hussey
  • Lords Of Waterdeep:  Leanne Jones
  • Splendor:  Bryony Jensen & Tony Horn (tied)
  • Twilight Imperium:  David Morton