Howdy peeps.  In case you missed the October LXG meeting, here are the main points of news:

Membership FeesThe membership fees for the 2017/2018 financial year are past due.  If you’ve filled out a membership form for this year, and paid, thank you!  If you haven’t done both of those things, please fill out the form HERE and we’ll get back to you with our hearty thanks (if you’ve already paid), or an amount you’re due to pay and the bank details to do so.  Or feel free to do all of this at the November Meeting on the 19th. If you’ve already paid we still need a form filled in (electronic or paper) for contact details, emergency contacts etc.

Winter Retreat 2018 Deposits:  Winter Retreat is our premiere gaming camp, held from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon each year in winter (duh).  All food and accommodation is included in the price, as well as access to the club’s ever expanding boardgame library.  Currently held at the WEC Centre at QCCC Tamborine, competition for the space is heating up, so the sooner we secure things the better.  With that in mind, we’re very keen for interested parties to pay their deposits (normally $50/person) by the December meeting to guarantee our spot for next year (dates TBD but usually mid-July-ish).  There’ll be a reminder in November but if you have any questions in the meantime feel free to contact us, as always.

December Meeting:  Speaking of the December meeting, don’t forget that it’s a bit special.  Everybody brings a plate of food to share, the club buys everyone far too much pizza and festive hijinks abound.  Start preparing yourself mentally for what is a truly momentous event.  More so if you enjoy pizza.

John Murray Award:  While you’re preparing yourself mentally, give some serious thought to whom you would like to nominate to be awarded the annual John Murray Award For Best & Fairest.  Nominations are made at the November meeting, with the winner announced at the December one.  To give you something to think about, here’s a rundown on the significance of the award from our current award winner, Leanne J.

What makes ‘Good Gaming’?

What makes any game enjoyable to play?  Game mechanics are important.  A theme that you relate to also makes things interesting.  People who are just as keen as you are to indulge in a few hours over a table and pieces/cards are definitely needed.  BUT above all, people who are fair and honest players, always willing to laugh at their mistakes and not hold grudges can really make a game great!

This is why we, at LXG, every December, like to present the ‘John Murray Award’.

John was a past member who we lost to cancer approximately 18 months ago.  He was regarded by everyone to be a great opponent to play games with and against.  This November, you will have the opportunity to vote anonymously for someone who you think embodies the best in a board game opponent, to receive this award, named in John’s honour.

Please put your thinking caps on and come with a candidate in mind for the November meeting.

See you over a game,


Legends Of Winter Winners:  The winners of the various tournaments held at our Legends Of Winter event were given their proper dues at the October meeting, but we’ll see if we can’t come up with a suitably proper news article for that, complete with photos and everything.  Stay tuned!

Last but not least, check out the newly-opened Pincadia Bar/Arcade/Restaurant in sunny Woolloongabba for some serious pinball, arcade and boardgamey action whilst downing some quality eats and drinks.  While you’re at it, don’t miss the Grilling Games meetups on October 31 and November 14, as well as the LXG RPG event on November 12.

Until next time,