agricolaThis month sees an early club meeting on September 15, which is the earliest in a month the third Sunday can fall. Come along for our great assortment of tabletop games. The club library has been restocked with the games that were sent down to PAX, and are ready to be used and borrowed again.

The next rounds of the Magic Grand Melee and Thunderstone leagues will take place and we also have an Agricola league starting up this month. Club member Terry K will be running the league over the next six club meetings. If you’ve never played Agricola before, have a go, and see why it has become one of our most played games over the last two years.

Our 2013 Annual General Meeting will be held at 12.30, where we will elect a new committee to take us into the next year. Committee positions are automatically spilled every year, and while members often stand again, if you are interested pleas talk to one of the existing committee members (Eddie C, Keith D, David K, David M, Jeremy N) about joining and what the positions involve.