We are happy to announce the introduction of Organiser Points for A Game of Games.

Until now, every game you play has awarded your points, which is great. But those who run events that require their full attention have not been rewarded, and this will now change.

Organiser Points are awarded where you organise and run an event that you do not participate in, or participate in any other games while your event in running (as you need to give your full attention to the event).

This can include:
Wargaming Tournament
Trivia Contest
Roleplaying Session
Teaching a boardgame or other game without playing the game yourself

Organiser points are calculated like so:
Game modifier x number of players = organiser points.

So if you introduce a group of 5 people to Small World (game modifier of 2) and oversee their first game, you would receive 10 organiser points. Running a Trivia Contest with a modifier of 3 with 30 participants would give 90 orgnaiser points, and so on.

To claim your points simply write your name on the game record sheet, clearly marked ‘Organiser’.

Organiser Points will be introduced starting at Summer Legends on February 18. Happy organising!