Want to meet the committee members? These people are the ones in charge so if you have any questions or queries about LXG, come and see them at the regular gaming meeting we hold each month.

The committee meets at 8am before every monthly gaming meetup and every member of the LXG club is welcome to attend.

Every year at the June General Meeting, all committee positions are spilled and club members are welcome to nominate and vote for committee positions.

To see the Rules & Procedures for the LXG Committee, please click here.


Eddie Crompton

Eddie got hooked on gaming back in primary school after reading White Dwarf magazine but somehow thought it would be a good idea to make up his own. After delving into Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books and Fighting Fantasy novels, over the years he’s played many different games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Battletech Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, Kings of War and Saga.

Some of the first board games he collected were HeroQuest and Space Crusade but his personal collection is up in the high 200s.

Committee Member since:  2017

Vice President

Angela Caffery

Angela Caffery has always been interested in gaming from childhood with such games as Mastermind, 500, Cribbage, Cluedo and Chinese Checkers. A whole new world opened up when after playing a couple of Dungeons &Dragon  games after she attended a call out for Brisbane D&D devotees. Thus Angela joined the gaming club scene – Queensland Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club, QUT Gaming Club, Tanelorn Games Club and now LXG.

Desperate for something different from the usual family game fare, the 80s saw many new games introduced into her collection including Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz, Kings and Things, Shogun Dungeon, Up & Down the River and Dracula. Then the world of Euro games descended with a bang and endless games of Settlers of Catan heralded a new phase of board games of which Agricola is her current and long-time favourite.

Over the years, Angela has also been involved in organising and running many conventions including BrisCon, GenCon Australia and MaryPOP Culture Festival.

Currently Angela is the Vice-President of League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG)- in other words, the librarian! She also updates the events on our Facebook page and co-organises the spin-off LXG EXTRA RPG meetings along with long-time friend Keith Done.

Committee Member since: 2019


Keith Done

Keith Done has been involved with tabletop gaming since 1965 when he enjoyed classics such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Squatter. He also remembers seeking out many non-mainstream games that existed at that time, such as Railroader, Green Ghost and Hit the Beach!

Keith has been influential for decades in the Brisbane games club scene, being a co-founder and committee member of organisations such as the Queensland Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club and the Tanelorn Games Club. He has always been active designing and running role-playing events at conventions across Australia.

In 2004 he co-founded the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) to focus on the development of a family-friendly game club. He has served on the committee in various positions since then and recently created a spin-off LXG role-playing sub-club with long-time friend Angela Caffery. They relaunched an Eldorian umbrella campaign under the Pathfinder rules in 2015 and LXG EXTRA RPG continues to grow in popularity.

Committee Member since:  2004


David Kay

David has been playing board games ever since he was introduced to Games Workshop’s Battlecards as a youngster. Since that time he has played a lot of different board games and taught a lot of board games to others. These days David divides his time between teaching his daughters how to play various board games, and painting through his collection of miniatures. 

David has been a member of LXG for over 10 years now and currently runs the club’s Magic: The Gathering league. 

Committee Member since:  2019

Media Officer

Matt Hussey

After an early attempt to get into Warhammer failed due to a lack of disposable income, Matt had a misspent youth playing all manner of computer games. After a blackout left him bored and listless, he decided to get away from the warm glow of the monitors for a few hours to give something analogue a go and stumbled across LXG.  Some years and a couple of Kallax units later, it seems like a pretty good decision.

While Matt will usually be down to try out almost any game, he does have a preference for longer strategy games with just enough interlocking subsystems that it all becomes slightly wonky, and a perfectly reasonable, not-at-all irrational dislike of dice games.

Committee Member since:  2019

Upcoming Events

all-day LXG Annual Bring & Buy Stall – 2023 @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
LXG Annual Bring & Buy Stall – 2023 @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Sep 24 all-day
LXG Annual Bring & Buy Stall - 2023 @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
The League Of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) is hosting its huge annual games sale. You are invited to sell your tabletop games at our club (QCBC 67 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba) on Sunday, September 24 2023. An..
9:00 am September 2023 LXG PRIMARY @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
September 2023 LXG PRIMARY @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Sep 24 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
September 2023 LXG PRIMARY @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
It’s the regular monthly meetup of the League of Extraordinary Gamers! Come along and play some games with some old friends, or come check it out and meet some new ones!  This is the Primary..
9:00 am October 2023 LXG SECONDARY (incl... @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
October 2023 LXG SECONDARY (incl... @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
Oct 15 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
October 2023 LXG SECONDARY (incl LXG RPG) @ Queensland Contract Bridge Club
LXG SECONDARY is our extra monthly meeting. The big differences are there is no formal catering available on the day and generally no club news. Although this day does incorporate RPG, the usual board games/RPG/miniatures..

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