When: 16th June 2024 10:00am
Where: QLD Contract Bridge Club, 67 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba
Register to play by contacting: keefdone@gmail.com
Free Entry! Trophies & Historical Prizes! Lucky Door Prizes!

It’s the 80th Anniversary of the D Day Landings in June and the League of Extraordinary
Gamers is hosting a special Memoir 44 Tournament. We will be featuring relevant
scenarios from the Western Front release of M44, including beach landings and
behind the beaches games.
The tournament is for a maximum of eight players and will use the Axis/Allied format
where players will be divided in to two factions before the commencement of the
Essentially you will be competing to be the top Axis or top Allied player and those two
champions will play in a final with a fictitious mirrored terrain board and equal forces.

Many thanks to Hobbyco for our fabulous first prize!