At the meeting on July 15, we put some time aside for our Annual General Meeting. At each AGM, all committee positions are considered open, though existing committee members can be re-nominated for the same position.

The 2012/13 League of Extraordinary Committee members are:

President: Eddie Crompton (re-nominated)
Vice President: David Morton
Treasurer: Keith Done (re-nominated)
Secretary: Jeremy Norton (re-nominated)
Events/Web: David Kay

Thanks go to last year’s Events Co-ordinator Adrian Roberts. Last year’s Vice President, David Kay steps into this role which is now re-cast around maintaining the website and running A Game of Games.

Also at the AGM Terry K asked for a motion to give life membership to Mal O and Angela C. Mal and Ange do the lion’s share of the work on the canteen each club meeting, including a lot of cooking, and buying the water and soft drink that we all consume during the meetings. This motion was happily voted through by the membership.

A committee report for the outgoing committee will be posted here as soon as all the parts have been written!

Lastly, if you are a current club member and would like to think about serving on the committee, please see one of the current committee members, who can explain what being on the committee is all about. You are also welcome to attend any of the committee meetings, which happen every month.