The League of Extraordinary Gamers is running a Pathfinder 2.0 Campaign each month on the LXG EXTRA days. This is an umbrella campaign with multiple groups playing under different GMs in the same fantasy setting at the same time. This follows our “Dark Times in Darringmoor” campaign that ran successfully for 4 years.

The GMs (and most likely the players) will be new to Pathfinder 2.0 so this will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to learn the ropes together!

The narrow tract of land that lies between the Elven nation of Leezeria and the Goblinkynd territories of Ahr-Ganiz has been a battleground for thousands of years. Elven Rangers have fought countless skirmishes with Goblinkynd warbands and three major conflicts, known as the Wars of Tears, have ravaged the region and diminished the Leezari population.

During the Third War of Tears, Elves were saved by the intervention of Humans who sent armies to Leezeria to defeat the Goblinkynd horde. In return for this aid, the Elven King granted the lands that lay between his kingdom and the lands of Ahr-Ganiz to any Human who wished to claim them.

Now, for the last hundred years Humans have been  settling the region: farmers seeking free-hold land; ambitious lords; rogues escaping the law; adventurers seeking ancient treasures… these are the people of the Crownless Lands.